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NeuWrite Nordic is a regional branch of the international collaborative science-writing workshop NeuWrite. NeuWrite Nordic brings together scientists and writers based in the Nordic region to provide feedback on drafts of each other's texts using the creative-writing workshop model.


June workshop coming up

May 17, 2024

Save the date for our next dinner salon and workshop: the evening of June 13 (Thursday). One slot is still available for a text-in-progress to be workshopped. Please contact the…

Dance first, think later

April 12, 2024

The number-one most-read article at the moment in the Finnish Medical Journal (Lääkärilehti) is a new column by NeuWrite Nordic board member Jussi Valtonen, award-winning novelist and a researcher in…

New film about reverse aging hits theaters

April 9, 2024

We’re thrilled that the new film Palimpsest, aspects of which were workshopped at NeuWrite Nordic, hits theaters in Helsinki this Friday, 12 April. Trailer, info, and tickets here. A special…

Convention says science and literature are separate, and that the public must be told the correct facts of objective science. But as scientists, writers, and audiences, we are communally navigating mixed-together scientific and humanistic narratives going all directions. Thus science writing can, and perhaps should, also embrace uncertainty, vulnerability, subjectivity, emotion, metaphor, and imagination if the goal is to create lasting insight and impact.

Trevor Corson
Director, NeuWrite Nordic

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