Can AI feed the world? And what is “precision agriculture”?

Biomedical researcher, published novelist, and NeuWrite Nordic participant Franziska Bentz has written a wide-ranging article surveying the past and possible futures of technology in agriculture. The rapid evolution of data and automation provides much promise but also challenges, Bentz writes for The Science Basement. One of those challenges is that farmers and scientists often don't understand each other's perspectives:

Norwegian farmer Lars Petter Blikom ... describes what I would sum up as one major issue: the lack of cooperation between farmers and scientists. This starts with scientists not understanding the reality and perspective of farmers, along with the challenges they confront daily. Consequently, when scientists propose novel technologies, they may not align with the practical experiences or needs of the farmers. Unsurprisingly, they are then met with skepticism and trust issues from the farming community.

Read Bentz's whole article here.

Image: The Science Basement

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