Hair-Power Performativity published

An illustration called "Cut It Out" by the Italian artist Marco Melgrati in support of Iranian women's protest (center image, above) was the inspiration for a draft text we workshopped at NeuWrite Nordic last autumn. The text, a collaborative hybrid of social-science and storytelling titled "Hair-Power Performativity," was published this week in the Barcelona-based journal Matter, and the authors are grateful for the feedback they received on the draft at NeuWrite.

In line with NeuWrite's mission of bringing together scientists and creative writers to enhance each other's work, here's a quote in that spirit from the published text, by Rachel Sinquefield-Kangas, Essi Ikonen, and Boshra Najari:

Recognized for fostering empathy, narratives have the potential to reshape perceptions and confront the limitations of conventional uses of 'data' and 'theory' in research. Our research story encompasses these elements, revealing insights not only related to hair and power but also the embodied emotions influencing the research process.

Congratulations to the authors. Looking for creative inspiration yourself? Check out more of the amazing art of Marco Melgrati, maybe you, too, will be pushed to think, and write, about something in a new way.

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